Review: The Blood of Olympus



Author: Rick Riordan

Pages: 410

Series: The Heroes of Olympus #5

Format: Ebook

Started: December 13, 2016

Finished: December 30, 2016

Rating: 5/5




GoodReads Summary: Though the Greek and Roman crew members of the Argo II have made progress in their many quests, they still seem no closer to defeating the earth mother, Gaea. Her giants have risen—all of them—and they’re stronger than ever. They must be stopped before the Feast of Spes, when Gaea plans to have two demigods sacrificed in Athens. She needs their blood—the blood of Olympus—in order to wake.
The demigods are having more frequent visions of a terrible battle at Camp Half-Blood. The Roman legion from Camp Jupiter, led by Octavian, is almost within striking distance. Though it is tempting to take the Athena Parthenos to Athens to use as a secret weapon, the friends know that the huge statue belongs back on Long Island, where it “might” be able to stop a war between the two camps.

The Athena Parthenos will go west; the Argo II will go east. The gods, still suffering from multiple personality disorder, are useless. How can a handful of young demigods hope to persevere against Gaea’s army of powerful giants? As dangerous as it is to head to Athens, they have no other option. They have sacrificed too much already. And if Gaea wakes, it is game over.


Review: I absolutely loved the book. I’m so glad that I kept up with the series, the series wasn’t the best as the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It was worth it in the end.

The beginning started out good, I laughed over Jason’s struggle being an old man trudging up the mountain to Odysseus’ palace. I love how he warded off his mother, who had become a Mania (a spirit of madness). My heart almost plummeted when he was stabbed with an Imperial Gold sword by Michael Varus. I knew he was going to survive but the anticipation of it was what got me.

Nico, Reyna, and Coach Hedge’s travel with the Athena Parthenos was an interesting one and one of my absolute favorite of the entire book. The travel to Pompeii was funny and ironically, I had finished learning about Pompeii in class that day when I read this scene so it was awesome to know where they were and immediately say ‘I know about this place.’ Nico’s encounter with his father in Portugal was another favorite, I always loved Nico encountering his father because Hades is my favorite god and seeing him interacting with his son is always enjoyable.

The battle between Nico and Bryce was completely badass. The way Nico handled Bryce and sent him to the Underworld had me speechless and had me saying ‘Yoooo’ a lot. Also the group winding back up in South Carolina was nice, made me feel closer to home once more. Then again I had never heard of Buford, South Carolina before and I lived in that state for 22 years of my life. Then having the actual Pegasus come to their aid and help them escort the statue to Camp Half-Blood was amazing. Had me cheesing the entire time.

Apollo crying over how his father is mad at him was beautiful in a funny way. Enough said.

The battle with giants at the Acropolis was awesome, I loved how the gods helped the seven in defeating them. I loved how Percy, Annabeth, and Piper entered the Acropolis through the Erechtheion. I instantly knew where they were when they described the uneven ground. The Erechtheion was specially designed to be constructed on the uneven ground. I actually chose this temple along with the Temple of Athena Nike for my research paper in Art History and it was interesting learning about these temples.

Anyways, the battle with the gods joining forces with the demigods was amazing and was just all around awesome.

The Solangelo encounter was hilarious. There was an instant attraction between the two, it’s plainly obvious. They worked well together and I love to see more of them again (which you do in The Hidden Oracle).

The fight with Gaea was really short which kind of bummed me but there was plenty of good action to make up for it, plus Octavian as a flaming comet was a nice touch of ending his annoying person.

Apollo waiting punishment from his father made me feel for Apollo (you find out what happens to him Hidden Oracle) and I repeatedly kept saying ‘You done goofed.’

The ending was a nice touch especially with Leo coming back and getting Calypso off of the island thus begun their journey, which continues in The Trials of Apollo series.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 for the amazing action and the wonderful ending. I can finally say I have caught up on the Camp Half-Blood series until The Dark Prophecy comes out in May. I will be sure to return to this series when the new book releases.


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